How to become a firefigher?

21777108-firefighter-searching-for-possible-survivors-with-tools-tacticle-lighting-and-thermal-imaging-cameraTo become a Fire Fighter in the UK is a highly rewarding experience. A different challenge each day with exciting and varied work that really makes a difference. How to become a Fire Fighter in the UK? Well that is quite a challenge in itself.

Hundreds of men and women apply each year to become a Fire Fighter in the UK. The reality is that the majority are unsuccessful. The common theme with those that were successful revolves around putting a great deal of effort, preparation, and research time in before they applied to become a Fire Fighter. Many serving Fire Fighters took a number of years to get their dream job in the Fire Service. Being one step ahead is the key, better prepared than the next applicant, and knowing what to expect having practiced and trained for the recruitment process.

The recruitment process is quite involved to say the least. Now a National standardised recruitment procedure is in place for all applicants applying to become a Firefighter all over the UK. This is a welcome change that levels the playing field for all applicants and gives each and every potential Fire Fighter recruit a fair chance at the process.