Good fire fighter vs bad

images (1)Fire fighters wear fire protective clothing, which is insulated. This protects them from catching fire but then it also exposes them to very high amount of heat that can cause stress. The body heat as well as external heat gets trapped due to the insulation in clothing. This can cause stress and hence fire fighters have to always watch out for symptoms and seek medical help immediately.

Often while fighting fires, the buildings collapse and sometimes fire fighters can get trapped inside. Under such circumstances it becomes important for them to have radio communication with the rest of the team to be able to seek help and escape.

People who work in fire department should have a personality that is made of steel. They should be mentally, physically and emotionally strong and be able to withstand challenges and face danger all the time. It calls for multi tasking abilities too.

Fire fighters are only one part of the entire fire service department. There are many more roles and jobs including operations control, vehicle maintenance, community welfare, training and education, civil resilience, procurement, finance, HR and administration etc.

Fire fighters have a mixed bag when it comes to their career. On one side they face grave dangers almost every day and fight with fire risking their lives. On the other hand they save lives every day and give the victims new life and hope.