How to be a Fire Fighter?

imagesHow to become a fire fighter? This is one question that everyone wants to know the answer to. People of all ages including men and women straight out of high school all the way up to older folks who are looking for a career change are interested in landing a job in the fire service. There are a few attributes that the fire service will look at when looking at a candidate. Each specific fire department is looking for different attributes depending on the position they are looking to fill. How to be a fire fighter is a great question because there is no true answer. Each department is going to look for different things that they feel will make their squad a better team. The fire service is all about team work and being able to adapt to be able to bring out the best in each other. Minimum hiring standards are the bare minimum certifications a department requires candidates to have before they accept an application. It is becoming evermore required to have a paramedic license in some counties. Applying to a fire department and being experienced and possessing a paramedic license will make you more attractive to an employer because it will safe them the time and money from having to send you through paramedic school themselves.

Having an education and different fire related certifications are a great way to help you answer the question, how to be a fire fighter. There are many community colleges that offer fire technology courses that allow the candidate to earn a degree that is related to the fire service. The student may use their degree to get their foot in the door in a fire department or may even use the degree for other fire service related jobs including but not limited to commercial and residential building inspections. The minimum requirements to get hired on is 18 years old, GED or high school diploma and “breathing”. The basic medical certification is an EMT-B. This stands for emergency medical technician – basic. An EMT-B cares for the injured or sick during an emergency situation.

images (1)How to become a fire fighter is simple as long as you play the game. Many departments post announcements that include their hiring status throughout the county or on their website. Generally speaking, they do not accept applications unless there is a vacancy in a position. By getting an education through a fire technology school or getting a degree that is fire related is highly attractive to employers because it shows your interest and dedication to the field. It is very important to follow the employers questions very carefully because any fire service job requires a great deal of detail because one slip up and it could be very costly. In our next blog we will be talking about the different ranks and opportunities throughout the fire service.